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Cartoon Memories

30 Oct

Hey guys, sorry it’s been so long! Lots of fun things have been happening. I wish I had taken more photos to share with you all.

Earlier this week the new boyfriend came to stay and I have some photos of that for you!




Yesterday I got a care package through the mail, all the way from Finland, from the lovely Anne!


The package at the top is milk chocolate with Moomins packaging! Does anyone else remember the Moomins? I didn’t realise they were Finnish! I used to love the cartoon when I was a child. The package on the left is salty liquorice. Anne warned me that they were an acquired taste but I have to be honest- I couldn’t even eat a whole sweet. They were not pleasant! I am going to take them to my boyfriend’s next week and make him eat them! He claims to like everything!! I’ve yet to try the crackers and dark chocolate but I can’t wait! Thanks Anne!

Today I got my hairs cut and dyed. Anyone remember Doug? In one episode he went to get his hair cut but said he was getting his ‘hairs cut’ which was appropriate as he only had about 8 hairs! I loved the theme tune of that cartoon.



Sorry about the bad photo! The hairdresser noticed that my hair is not nearly as thick as it used to be. I had noticed I was losing a lot of hair a few weeks ago but hoped I was imagining it. I’ve never had thick hair but it’s really lacking now. Maybe I need to use Flax seed again, or just start taking a multi-vitamin again.

I’m going away for a whole week from Monday as I have an interview up north on Tuesday and I’m going to a fireworks party with the boyfriend in Dunblane on Friday. I’m hoping you guys will keep me in your readers or on your blog rolls until I can get back to blogging regularly again!

Do you remember The Moomins or Doug? What was your favourite cartoon when you were a child? Have a great Halloween weekend!


The Wallace Monument

15 Oct

My desktop is cracking up and my laptop has had a virus and is still on ‘go slow’ mode so I’m not sure how well this will work. The lovely new boyfriend removed the virus on the laptop but I still can’t run any programmes on here as everything is just too slow!

On Monday we walked up to the Wallace monument in Stirling. I hadn’t had much exercise all weekend so it was a much needed walk! It was a beautiful autumn day and the views were amazing!


Brendan took the interesting pictures using an app on his iphone. It’s pretty cool!



I’m just home for a couple of days and then going back to Stirling for Brendan’s birthday which is on Monday . Please bear with me as I don’t want to give up blogging but I just can’t seem to fit it in very easily at the moment! I’m going to spend this evening catching up on all your blogs! TGIF! xxx

Living the high life . . .

7 Oct

Sorry I’ve not been blogging, or commenting. I’ve been in Stirling lots with no time to go online. This may have something to do with the new man in my life but I’ll tell you more about that soon!

I’m going back tomorrow till Monday so won’t be blogging again till Tuesday but wanted to check in and say hi!

I promise I shall provide gossip when I return . . . .

Until then I shall leave you with the song that’s invading my head at the moment.