No animals harmed . . .

14 Aug

The last 2 days have been so much fun! I met friends on Thursday night for pool and we ended up going to the pub quiz too. You may remember me going on about my knowledge of current affairs being poor. Well, after that round we were winning because I remembered the name of the meteor shower I was talking about on Thursday! We didn’t win overall because they had a round on PGA tours. We were struggling to come up with names of golfers and ended up writing Tiger Woods more than once 🙂

Yesterday I hung out at my parents as my cousin and her husband were in town. We soaked up the sun (!) in the afternoon and then had a BBQ in the evening. No photos I’m afraid. I must learn to take my camera out of my bag! Blogs without pictures are like chips without salt. They just don’t work!

Ooh, a wee update about my muffins from the other day. Mum and Dad have demolished them and say that they think the funny taste was because of the silicone cases I used.


I had used the muffin cases before but it was the first time I had used the cupcake cases. So I think I’ll wash them a few more times before I use them again. I think the recipe was a decent one though.

So you will all be happy to know (especially the lovely Amy) that no animals were harmed by the making of these muffins!  The same can’t be said for the BBQ we had last night . . .

Have a great weekend folks!

** Last chance to have your say in the poll on comments. I’ll let you know the results and what I plan to do with them on Monday. Right now it’s tied 3 ways and that doesn’t help me at all!!!**


2 Responses to “No animals harmed . . .”

  1. Laura August 14, 2010 at 11:32 am #

    I noticed the poll was tied three ways last time I checked too! I’ll be interested to see if it changes 🙂

  2. Glad the muffins didn’t kill the poor hens! I really like those silicone cases, hope washing them a few times fixes the problem x

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