When hunger strikes . . .

1 Apr

I have been so hungry today! But I have embraced the feeling and ate 🙂

Check out the morning snack

Twas heavenly. I didn’t realise I’d picked up a pink grapefruit at tesco so was surprised when I cut it open. I adore the combination of grapefruit with red grapes. Usually I think of fruits and vegetables as being pretty low in cals. I decided to check out the calorie content of this salad.

I usually consume 50 to 100 calories for my morning snack but I wasn’t too worried.

Plus I learnt to take a screenshot!! Every day’s a school day 😀

Lunch was toast and yoghurt with strawbs and chopped walnuts.

I knew I was meeting a friend for tea-timers (after work drinks) at 5 so I had a big snack at 4.30. I was so hungry by that time anyway so I had my last home-made granola bar and 4 crackers- 2 plain and 2 with PB. I was still hungry! I kind of thought maybe I just hadn’t allowed anytime for the food to settle so I headed to the pub without munching more. I did eat a packet of salted peanuts while at the pub and they seemed to solve the problem! My carb cravings have been getting out of control lately!

In other news: the weather was beautiful today and I set about doing some spring cleaning. I swear my flat is now messier than it was 12 hours ago. Does anyone else make more of a mess when they start doing a ‘proper’ clean? I have a friend visiting for the weekend and he’s never seen my flat so I really want it to be spotless! Hopefully I’ll get further with it tomorrow. I quite enjoyed it today, I put the radio on and the sunshine streaming in the windows put me in a sunshiney mood!

I hope everybody else had a lovely Thursday, and if today was the last day of your working week then YAY!!


3 Responses to “When hunger strikes . . .”

  1. Angel31@ keepingslimandgettingstylish April 2, 2010 at 9:47 am #

    That fruit salad looks gorgeous! I love fresh fruit I could eat loads of the stuff. I must buy some strawberries soon, I keep seeing them on blogs and getting a proper craving for them x

  2. healthyamy April 2, 2010 at 10:32 am #

    YAY for four day weeks!!!!

    That fruit salad looks delicious, it’s amazing how the calories build up eating fruit but it’s all good.

    I have a real craving for yogurt, strawberries and walnuts now YUMMY!

  3. foodlovingpolarbear April 2, 2010 at 11:30 am #

    YAY! hooray for 4 day work weeks!

    I want that fruit salad too! I think I have to create something similar with pineapple, granny smith and orange 🙂

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