How d’ya like them oats?

25 Mar

There may only be so many days I can post pictures of porridge until you lose your sanity due to lack of mental stimulation, or you just delete me from your bloglist (if I’m on there). But, dear reader, I love them, and nothing quite hits the spot in the morning like a big bowl of porridge. When I was 26 I just finished teacher training and I moved to a tiny island to teach. There was 26 kids in the school and I lived next door in the School House. Believe me when I say I wasn’t hanging my knickers on the line while the kids were in school! Every day I went home for lunch and had a bowl of instant porridge, made in the microwave, with a teaspoon of sugar. I also had a variety of biscuits or crisps, hence the weight! I thought that I really enjoyed that porridge. I knew NOTHING! Little did I know that if you mixed in a banana you got sweet fluffy deliciousness, with no need for sweeteners. Or that if you cooked proper oats on the stove you got the most amazing texture. Or that grape nuts or cheerios added a heavenly crunch. Or that a small handful of chocolate chips made your porridge taste like a luxurious dessert. I think that year saw the start of my cereal addiction. There was a small shop opposite the school that sold most necessities. The ferry ran to the mainland several times a day but in the winter it could go a week or more without running, so the mail would not come in and neither would the stock for the shop. I got into the habit of ‘panic’ buying whenever I went to the mainland and I bought boxes upon boxes of cereal, along with frozen pizzas and chocolate! You have seen a picture of my cereal cupboard. Maybe it’s time I got out of the ‘panic’ buying mentality?

Sorry for the rambliness of today’s post, I had a nice wee trip down memory lane!

What’s your favourite breakfast?


2 Responses to “How d’ya like them oats?”

  1. Caroline March 25, 2010 at 10:28 am #

    Definitely porridge. Sometimes I wonder if I ever will be fed up of eating the same thing but sofar not! I might add a banana too. Excellent idea.. Right now I just have the oatso simple golden syrup or sweet cinnamon.

    Love your blog by the way!:)


  2. Angel 31 March 25, 2010 at 11:32 am #

    I am so in agreement with the oats, I eat them nearly every day in some shape for form, I just love them!

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