22 Mar

Firstly, I’m sorry my blog has changed. I don’t like it. Far too blue! My experimentation had to be halted when I realised I had to go to tesco and start cooking before I ate my own arm. I might try again tomorrow, or wait till the holidays when I can try and get some good shots for my header. Anyone know how I can change the bit that says ‘Just another WordPress.com weblog’ or does it have to say that? Any help much appreciated šŸ™‚


tesco bags

Ā£33 worth of yum šŸ™‚

tesco shopping

I got really cross with myself at the checkout when I realised I had used those little plastic bags at the fresh produce section to put every fruit and vegetable in. I had just done it out of habit but those little bags always end up in the bin as I can never untie the knots I put in, and so have to snag the plastic. For items like a solo sweet potato or a single onion surely I can leave them without the bag. I wash or peel them anyway! I realise that when I buy more than 1 of something it needs a bag to stop the assistant at the till going mental.

I mentioned before that I wasn’t sure about Rowan Glen’s yoghurts but recently I have been wanting to get them again! While they are sweet they are not too sweet. I used to have the most major sweet tooth but recently it has fallen out! Kinda. Well maybe it’s gotten less sweet.

I found 500g of oats for less than 50p. I will try them and see what I think.

I wanted to get free range and organicĀ chicken as I read recently that if you can’t afford to go organic with everything, at least do it with meat. It was twice the price of the chicken I normally get. On months where I’ve not been getting much work (like July)Ā I mayĀ be purchasingĀ tesco value! This chicken does not state that it was organic (I couldn’t find any that said it was) but it is free range and seed fed.

I had a list for tesco based on meal-planning I did last night. I only deviated once and that was to get 2 packs of whole wheat seeded bagels. They were 2 for 1. Oh and I got more Vitamin C than I planned as it was 3 for 2. Haha I just can’t help myself!


I am not following this diet. I just got the book out the library for a look-see. The Doc seems to say that you don’t have to restrict yourself but that you should have a protein with every meal for satiety. The recipe I followed tonight was for lime chicken on a green bean salad.

I used it because there is garlic in the recipe and a wee AngelĀ sent me a comment telling me that I was in need of garlic and ginger to boost my immune system.Ā Well one thing at a time . . . I started with the garlic.

The chicken was stir-fried after marinading in the juice and zest of a lime, a clove of garlic and a little black pepper. The marinade was added to the wok about half-way through.

The chicken was lovely but the greens were so boring!Ā I also couldn’t believe this was supposed to be my dinner- it seemed so little. So I added something:

Yum! Incase you hadn’t noticed- I’m a bread person :S

I only managed half of the salad, the rest is in the fridge for tomorrow.

SlurpedĀ aĀ Cranberry mocktail:

which was half a glass of cranberry juice, half a glass of soda water and a wedge of lime. Twas very refreshing, and I will be having it again tomorrow! Ā 

Thank you for your input on the flax seed dilemma. I thinkĀ  I shall buy whole seeds next time I am in the city and attempt to grindĀ them in my smoothie maker. Night! x



2 Responses to “Tesco!”

  1. foodlovingpolarbear March 23, 2010 at 6:45 am #

    I like your blog this way too! šŸ™‚ and the header picture is sooo beautiful!

    Great pics, you made me crave that mocktail šŸ˜€

  2. Angel 31 March 23, 2010 at 9:56 am #

    Thanks for the mention! The lime garlic chicken sounds nice, but I can see why you added the bagel! The mocktail looks very good too, sometimes you just need to be sipping something from a wine glass don’t you xx

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