Better hair day

21 Mar

I would never go as far as to say I am having a good hair day, but I made an effort for the wedding show and my hair was 100% better than yesterday. While my health was about 90% improved. 😀

Very blurry photos due to trying to take photos of the back of my own head! Don’t you just love freshly washed hair after it’s gotten all gross? I even shampoo’d it twice for the first time in years.

I woke up at 4am this morning with my throat and ears absolutely killing me. I went and got a fresh glass of Robinsons and took some paracetamol. When I woke back up at 9am I felt like a brand new (and healthy) me! I still don’t feel totally well, my throat is still slightly swollen and making me talk funny. Plus I had to spend most of today sitting down as I still don’t have all my energy back, but a huge improvement 🙂 I could not be bothered to wash a bowl or a pan so for the first time in months I didn’t have porridge for breakfast. I had toast and marmite instead. I enjoyed it immensely!

I then rushed about and got ready before getting whisked to the local town hall for the wedding fair. My sister got her hair and make-up done there while I sat about, watched a fashion show and ate random pieces of wedding cake samples. Got to love marzipan! Then we rushed upstairs to change into our dresses and walked the catwalk. CRINGE! There were some young girls I teach, in the hall watching, who were beaming up at me so I just focussed on giving them smiles instead of getting nervous about being watched by strangers.

My appetite is still being a little ellusive, and I majorly need to go shopping, so for dinner I just had yoghurt and muesli.

Photographed on my bookcase as I took it to bed! I didn’t have to wash a bowl as I remembered that little one on the top shelf. I never use it for porridge normally as it’s pretty dinky. Though I may see if it fits one day as it’s such a lovely little bowl/ huge mug.

**Please know that I am not normally so gross and generally wash both my hair and my dishes on a daily basis 😉

I remembered to weigh myself this morning and I was 11st 9 exactly (163lbs). That’s only 0.4lbs down from last week but it suits me fine. I may have lost more/less because I have not been well. Also, I usually go the gym/workout 5-6 times a week, this week I worked out twice. I mentioned before that I counted calories for a couple of weeks in January. I found that it was a little too much for me, as I have a neurotic type of personality. Even after a week I felt I was spending too much of my day thinking about calories and how many I had left etc. As long as I continue to lose, however much, in dribs and drabs I will be happy. If I come across a plateau that lasts for a couple of weeks I’ll re-evaluate. I am not unhappy with my figure, and I am not majorly unhealthy, but I know that I could be healthier and being a healthy weight is a part of that.

Another part of being healthy? Not letting stress get a hold on us. I firmly believe that getting stressed out about my school’s inspection last week is what led to me being ill this week. Amy wrote a nice post about avoiding stress on her blog today. She also posted this little affirmation which I loved, and told her I would steal 😉

Can you BEE-lieve it’s Sunday night? What on earth happened to the weekend? Please don’t hate me when I tell you that (unless I get an early morning phone call) I am not working tomorrow 🙂 So I am tesco bound. Right now I am going to take care of some dishes and then curl up with some trashy informative telly. Goodnight bloggies xx


5 Responses to “Better hair day”

  1. Jenny March 21, 2010 at 8:35 pm #

    I love that mantra! I saved the file to my desktop so I can look at it when I get stressed:)

    • thirtyandhealthy March 21, 2010 at 8:44 pm #

      Ooh a new commenter, thank you for visiting! The mantra is great, sometimes we need something like that to make us stand back from a situation and look at it in a new light. I’m away to check out your blog now!

  2. Anne @ Food Loving Polar Bear March 22, 2010 at 6:28 am #

    Hey! glad your feeling better 🙂

    We have such a bright and sunny morning (even though we have even more snow this morning, unbelievable!) that I’m pretty happy to be at work. BUT I would never say no for a work-free Monday 😉

    You work out a lot more than I do! I manage to find time for sport around 2-3 times a week.

  3. Rachel March 22, 2010 at 8:41 am #

    I love that affirmation. I’m totally going to use that, so thank you for sharing 🙂

  4. Angel 31 March 22, 2010 at 9:48 am #

    I love that no more stress affirmation, I’m also going to copy and keep it on my desk top! I really love that mug / bowl thingy, I’ve been after something like that for ages but haven’t seen anything in the shops. Theres something about the shape that seems so comforting x

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