Wine or fruit?

18 Mar

I worked up a sweat at the gym this morning! My running plan didn’t quite go to plan. I managed the 3 minuted jog! But only once, then it was 2 minutes each time. Everything hurt; my sides and the back of my ankles and my knees. Ok that’s not everything. My nose felt fine 😉 I shall go again on Saturday and try again. So I might not run a mile in a month, it may take 6 weeks- no biggie.

Then I went and bought some sugary sweets and a trashy magazine, before coming home for some lunch.

Do you believe that I just had this healthy looking salad?

In the bowl:

Mixed greens,

grated carrot,


red onion (I adore red onion)

red pepper,


and . . .

a cheese toastie:

There is approximately 180cals worth of cheese in that bowl, and 2 50cal slices of bread. I’m not a real calorie counter but I did it for a while and know how many I should consume etc. I scarfed this down while watching:

American Idol! I love that girl that’s singing in the middle, there is so much talent this year. American Idol puts X-factor to shame, I think.

I also read this trashy magazine:

It was rubbish. I went looking for a copy of Zest but the newsagents didn’t have one, I was really in the mood for a magazine so I bought this. It was filled with absolute nonsense. My jaw fell open at this bit:

Written by Carol McGiffin the woman off ‘Loose Women’.  Have you heard this before? Is there any science between this claim? I bloody well hope not, I love my fruit!

As I silently fumed at the rubbish in magazines, and discovered Simon Cowell is engaged (I didn’t even know he was dating), I ate these:

There may be those of you reading thinking, ‘did she not say she was trying to lose weight?’

That’s 45p worth of sugar right there.

130cals worth of chocolate covered peanuts.

I’m not proud of myself. But I was craving! I try to have everything in moderation as I am the kind of person who can get to feeling really really deprived. Ok no excuses. I’ll do better for the rest of the day. Promise!


One Response to “Wine or fruit?”

  1. Lele March 18, 2010 at 7:55 pm #

    Gummi cherries and chocolate covered peanuts are two of my FAVORITE treats. We clearly have similar taste in candy!
    And you know what? Indulge. Indulge proudly, in moderation, and then you won’t be bingeing in the dark later!

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