Happy Green Day

17 Mar

Kids at school were so cute today, some had little flags pinned to them while others had no idea that it was not a regular Wednesday.  Such a shame us Scots don’t go to town on St Andrew’s day the way Irish people celebrate St. Paddy.

For the first half of the day I felt fine, if a little tired. When I came home after school I totally crashed out though! I had a snack and was planning to go to the gym. I decided to read a few blogs while my snack digested (this was all at like 3pm as I finish early on a Wednesday) and actually started doing the head bob/ fall asleep thing. So I though I might just skip the gym and have a nap instead! I then proceeded to sleep for 3 hours!!! That now means that I haven’t been to the gym/pool for 3 days in a row :S I’m not working tomorrow so I must go. Maybe I am subconsciously worried about the jog for 3 minutes thing!

I ate pretty healthily all day except dinner which was 2 slices of sweet chilli chicken pizza and a diet coke. It only comes in a around 350cals for the two slices so I may have some apricots and dark chocolate in a little while!

As I mentioned; I’m not working tomorrow 🙂 So I am going to have a productive day. I am always seeing bloggers ‘get stuff done’ much more than I do! I have had paint in my cupboard ready to paint the cupboard for over a month! I also need to buy hoover bags and get some of the dust out of my life! Guess it must be nearly spring when I feel like cleaning 😀

I have no food photos to share today, and that makes this blog post a little dull. So . . . .

I thought I would share with you the future highlight of my year! 🙂 Team Jacob or Team Edward? I was Edward’s in Twilight and Jacob’s in New Moon. Not sure about Eclipse but know I will be back in Edward’s camp in Breaking Dawn after reading the book. I realise saying I’m Jacob’s makes me a couger. Meh!



2 Responses to “Happy Green Day”

  1. Anne @ Food Loving Polar Bear March 18, 2010 at 6:34 am #

    Awww, I loved the books! haven’t gotten round to see the movies yet, but maybe someday… 😀

    Have a great Thursday!

  2. Angel31 March 18, 2010 at 9:38 am #

    I still haven’t seen New Moon yet, I want to know what all the fuss is about! I might see if I can get it on box office over the weekend

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