Water water everywhere . . .

8 Mar


Oh I’ve had such a good morning! I started with porridge at 7am 🙂 Who doesn’t like a bowl of oats to start off their day? I also had a ‘skinny’ mocha. Notice how it says its 1/2 the fat, but there are still 77 cals so it’s 3/4 the cals. Less fat does not necessarily equal less calories, unfortunately 😦 To be fair I only drank this because my Mum bought me a couple of boxes when she was last in the city, she thought I’d appreciate the lower fat version of my favourite drink. Which was lovely of her 🙂

Talking of my Mama she’s coming over for dinner tonight so you may be seeing 2 plates in my photos this evening- exciting!

Then I pottered about and was in the pool by 9am. I got 18 lengths done.

Then I went to the physio to get more ultra-sound on my shoulder and she says that was my last session so I’m good to go and can start using it in my work-outs again. I’ve been going light on the cross-trainer as my shoulder has been giving me problems since Dec/Jan. I’m not sure how much lifting I can do yet. It’s still sore if I get into a position like the plank or push-up, I’ll take it easy and try and strengthen it slowly.

THEN I met a retired teacher friend of mine and she thinks she might have some work for me! Teaching English to families who are new to the country. I think I would really enjoy that so I am going to go and meet her this afternoon and talk about it properly.


2 tangerines and a peach melba yoghurt:


I am so unimpressed with these yoghurts. This one was really yummy but again the lid came off when I was trying to seperate 2. As a result I ended up with splatters of yoghurt down my trousers! It was a yummy yoghut though so I may get it again and just try to be more careful!

I shall explain the post-title in the next post!


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