More of the same . . .

7 Mar


Surprise surprise I had porridge for breakfast again today. I actually have stove cooked porridge most days. I just don’t find cold cereal fills me up and I often have bread at lunch.

In the mix today:

1/2 C Rolled oats (naturally they are Scottish)

1/2 C Skimmed milk

1/2 C water

Dessert sp ground flax

1/2 t brown sugar 

On top:

shake of cinnamon

1/2 t coconut

1 t Almond slivers

1 t dark chocolate chips

I have photographed it on my counter as I eat my breakfast in bed. While reading blogs. I know this is against ‘The Food Rules’ but sometimes you just need to rebel, you know?


Also had in bed, with my school work in front of me! The school I am currently doing supply work in is being inspected next week and I will be observed by a scary inspector 😦 Hence this weekend is a busy one.

I went with a lower calorie coffee today- nescafe instant with 2 brown sugars and a drop of skimmed milk. Still not healthy but I’m getting there! I tend only to have one coffee in a day so I don’t think it matters too much just now.

Plus some of this fruit slice.

I bought this about a month ago and have only have about 3 slices from it. It’s under 100 calories a slice and really quite nice with a smear of PB but when you are restricting yourself to 2 snacks a day you just can’t fit all the yummy things in. Still, I hate to see things go to waste so I am going to have to use this up soon or give it to my Mum.

Free Stuff

Tea: Peony wrote about getting free tea from Twinnings so I checked it out. Get 2 free tea-bags for yourself by going here.

Pure heaven: Plus I found a free 9 bar when looking to see if I could buy them cheaply online. I adore these bars- so chewy and sweet but not too sweet . . .

I had all my lunch photos ready to post and now I can’t find them. I’m too rushed to have a proper look as I am going off for a hike. I shall hopefully find them later and post them this evening! It’s another beautiful sunshiny day outside and I’m looking forward to a relaxed work-out.

See-ya later!


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