6 Mar

Well I had the pancakes for lunch. I do now think that life goes on after breakfast. Just as it goes on after turning thirty. DEEP. They were deeee . . . wait for it . . . licious! 🙂 Anyone else have a bit of a secret crush on Barney Stinson? I’d like to marry Ted but party with Barney. Marshall would just be the perfect big brother. Lily and Robin would be great friends . . . I want them as my friends. ‘Friends’ started when I was about 13 and I wanted their lives. I wanted to BE Rachel. Sorry, I digress- back to the food.

Have no idea what’s going on with these pictures. I tried to upload 4 and wordpress is talking about a gallery and has something wierd going on at the top of this post. Believe it or not I used to consider myself quite computer literate, but WordPress is throwing me for a loop (through a loop?- is it even a real expression?)

Oh I see, I just checked ‘preview’ and they are showing all the pics at the top of the page. That’s fine. So I had 2 pancakes and some fruit for lunch. I put the rest of the mix in the fridge to have tomorrow. Oh, by the way, the plate with my lunch on it is a large side plate- not a dinner plate! I think lunch is a little lacking in protein so I will have a yoghurt when I get back from the gym. Which I shall be hitting in about an hour.

Hopefully this evening I will have a chance to experiment a little with fun things like fonts and links, colours and emoticons 🙂


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