6 Mar

Hello blog world.

 I have never blogged before so this blog may just end up as a wee experiment but let’s see. Writing directly online seems to be tricky for me old and crappy Acer laptop so I am typing this entry on to a word doc to then copy and paste. Hope that will work.

I have been on a healthy eating ‘kick’ for a little while now and am very much enjoying the porridge/oats breakfasts. I have stolen the recipe ideas from other blogs and am in love with banana oats. Today’s was a special one, it’s Saturday so I stirred in half a t of brown sugar, and topped with handfuls of:

 Cheerios, Dark chocolate chips and Almond slivers

I think this may have been the ultimate bowl of Banana Oats. In fact I think they may have been the highlight of my day, in which case I should just go back to bed as my day will only be getting worse as it goes on.

I know- I’ll make blueberry pancakes for lunch- that’s something to look forward to.

I have lots to get done today. Including school work, gym and some heavy cleaning. Spring cleaning you could call it- it’s such a beautiful day today I’m tempted to believe Spring has arrived 😀


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